This site has been developed in France, to share the passion of the starry sky with the largest number of people, especially beginners. Given its success in France and French speaking countries, some parts of the site are currently being translated.

Stelvision is both a website and a company that publishes the chart Stelvision 365 (a great success in France) and provides services related to the astronomy hobby. The company was founded by Bertrand d'Armagnac, amateur astronomer and engineer in the space industry. He is also the senior editor and website developer, with the invaluable help of many people including those specially thanked here.

Contributions - Acknowledgements

  • Illustrations and support for graphics: Valentine Dubois
  • Web development Support: Bilal Panchbhaya (Devster). Template: Little Neko.
  • Photos used for the telescope simulator: Gérard Bauza, Fabrice Talotti, Thierry Legault, NASA / Hubble Heritage Team
  • Other photos: the authors are indicated under the photos.
  • Formulas for calculating planetary positions / Moon / Sun: Paul Schlyter ( )
  • Projection Formulas and making sidereal time: Emily Bodin ( / )
  • Data bases for geographic data:
  • Script calculation time zones: Josh Fraser ( )
  • Thanks to the many colleagues and friends who have contributed in various ways by their advice and encouragement (including Thierry Nicouleau for its attentive readings)
  • Special thanks to: Sophie, Guillaume, Claire, Thomas, Mathilde, Thibaut d'Armagnac, for their encouragement, advice, and patience!

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