Celestial Events

The Celestial Sights Not to Be Missed in 2020

Every year, in addition to its almost immutable parade of stars, the sky graces us with a few special events that are not to be missed. And 2020 is certainly the year of the planets! Read more


Observing Jupiter, the Great Giant Planet

The largest planet of our Solar System, Jupiter is easy to see with the naked eye and can be viewed several exciting ways with equipment. Read more

Observing Saturn, the Magnificent Ringed Planet

Discover this splendid celestial body from now until the end of 2020. Read more

Color photo of Venus taken with an amateur telescope.

Observing Venus, the Morning and Evening Star

You have most likely noticed some evenings in the west and some mornings in the east the bright planet of Venus. A genuine night-light of the sky, this celestial body shines brighter than any other star or planet! Read more